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Tilt and Turn Windows

Easy to install, easy to use

Customers want windows that look good, perform well and are still easy to use. Tilt and turn options meet all of these requirements. Whether made in-house from timber or uPVC, or bought in externally from Aluminium Smart Systems or Liniar, tilt and turn windows are high-performance, low-maintenance window systems.

Accommodating and energy efficient

Tilt and turn window systems made from modern materials such as engineered timber, uPVC or aluminium can accommodate 4mm to 44mm double or triple glazing. Combined with their multi-chambered designs, they are more than capable of achieving low U-values of less than 0.8, a unique selling point that will be tempting to customers.

Along with retaining heat, they also effectively keep the weather out. This is helped even further by their easy installation, meaning installers can perfectly fit the frames to older entrances, removing the risk of gaps and resultant leaks or draughts.

Smart System tilt & turn windows

In addition to supplying great value for money timber and uPVC tilt and turn windows manufactured in our own factory, we can offer a trade supply of innovative Smart tilt and turn windows. These market leading windows boast a durable profile and components designed to withstand continuous, rigorous use.

Once installed, these innovatively designed frames are weatherproof and resistant to warping, flaking or rusting. Also, they are stylish and suited to any type of property, thanks to their slim sightlines and optimised space for glass surfaces, which helps homeowners to make the most of the natural influx of light into their living spaces.

Secure sales with colour options and security features

Trade supplies from Pearl Trade WIndow Centre all feature highly secure multi-locking systems from Kenrick. These manufacturers are renowned for their high-performing locking designs, so much so that are accepted by the Police to be a viable option for doors and windows across the UK.

Equally important to homeowners, our whole trade supply of tilt and turn windows are available in a range of colours, whether RAL for aluminium, modern and classic uPVC options or traditional wood grain finishes.

These sort of options will help you to stand out from the competition by ensuring you can meet customers requirements, however specific.