Offer the end user a bespoke new living space

Orangeries are on the rise thanks to their elegant design and combined benefits of being half extension, half conservatory – creating a luxurious new living space that can be used all year round.

Here at Pearl Trade Window Centre, we offer in-house uPVC or Global options, both of which can help you to increase sales and offer homeowners superb new living spaces.

In-house manufacture – quality control guaranteed

By manufacturing our own orangeries, we manage the whole process from start to finish. This means that quality control from our highly experienced staff is assured at all times. It also means that we can pass on quality, value for money products to you. In turn, this can give you great sales potential and the ability to reach out to customers who want a stylish, light and airy new living space to enjoy.

Global orangeries- market leading orangery roof systems

uPVC Global orangery - complete orangery systemOrangeries from Global are easy to install – they used high-quality aluminium gutter fascias and internal pelmet pods that hook onto the eaves beam. These unique factors make plastering or adding internal light far easier, which act as benefits for you and your end users.

What makes Global orangeries a good choice for trade?

  • Create an orangery style conservatory with no fiddly finishing required
  • Fast to fit – with unique internal pelmet pods and complementary mullion pods
  • Raised line and low line internal height options
  • Decorative orangery fascias conceal guttering and provide external cornice detailing
  • Uses a standard Global roof – for a cost effective orangery solution that boasts great energy and thermal performance

Choose our trade supply and satisfy customer demand

For our trade supply of orangeries we offer self cleaning, triple or planitherm glazing. All of these products are renowned for their maintenance ease and energy efficiency and are therefore hugely appealing to homeowners.

In addition, both our in-house designs and Global systems are available in a range of colour options, from traditional reds and wood finishes to more contemporary whites or greys. By choosing our trade supply you can also choose from the bespoke Liniar colour range, meaning you can pass on flexibility to your customers, giving them creative control over their home improvements.